Sump Monitoring

If your home has a basement, then you probably know what a “sump” is- it’s the hole where all the liquid that condenses or spills in the basement ends up. It is absolutely essential since the water has no way of leaving the enclosed basement and since exterior drainage systems have an unfortunate tendency to clog up. Hence the Sump pit, and the Sump pump. The water is pumped away as soon as it accumulates, no problem. Right? not quite. Without water release monitoring and sump monitoring the day will inevitably come, when the pump motor burns out, or the pump trigger becomes sticky.

Or maybe the drainage pipe of the pump get clogged up. And since the basement is out of sight and hence out of mind the first hint you have of the problem is when you descend the basement stairs only to find yourself ankle deep in water. Sump monitoring enables you to keep a handle on the situation in the basement 24/7, so you can take remedial action.

Water supply stormwater monitoring

Many homes, both in urban and rural areas, depend on water supply from open reservoirs. While water supply groundwater monitoring tracks the quality of groundwater, which changes only slowly, water supply stormwater monitoring is concerned with detecting sediment and contaminates that might be swept into reservoirs and stream by rainwater.

The inherent unpredictability of storm events means that water supply stormwater monitoring can be quite a challenge – but automated devices are now capable of rain, flow, water level, water quality and water release monitoring in a variety of sites in real time, while sump monitoring can enable homeowners with flooded basements to respond immediately.

Water supply groundwater monitoring

Spillage of oils and various industrial byproducts, chemical fertilizers and runoff from agrobusinesses is a growing concern for potable water suppliers and the people who depend on them for drinking and home use water. Water supply groundwater monitoring systems can provide an early warning for the changes of groundwater levels quality and salinity. Thus, water supply groundwater monitoring enables rapid remediation and damage control. Ongoing water supply groundwater monitoring can also identify long term trends, thereby enabling better preventive maintenance of groundwater supply systems.

Leakwise Brochure

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Oil Spill Monitoring

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