Oil On Water Leak Alert

When oil spills occur, the clock starts ticking. The longer it takes to identify the leak, the longer it takes to contain it and to quench the oil spill. the longer it takes to contain it the more severe the damage is. The more severe the damage is, the more it costs to remedy it. Fortunately, LEAKWISE sensors offer an excellent oil on water leak alert platform.  LEAKWISE sensors utilize a patented, high-frequency Electromagnetic Absorption Technique to provide a timely oil on water leak alert. Each sensor floats on the surface of the water, and uses a high-frequency electromagnetic energy transmitter and a receiving antenna which continuously monitor the liquid surface. This is what enables LEKWISE customers to receive a timely oil on water leak alert.

Oil on water spill alert

Water absorbs more electromagnetic energy than hydrocarbons so when the absorption rate of water changes on oil on water spill alert is generated, enabling remedial action to quench the oil spill.

But LEAKWISE sensors do more than provide a reliable oil on water leak alert. LEAKWISE analyze the thickness of the hydrocarbon layers and the percent of water in oily emulsions. In addition, LEAKWISE sensors also detect the interface between any two immiscible liquids with different absorption rates. These qualities make the LEAKWISE sensors perfect for oil skimmer control

Oil skimmer control

Oil skimmer control removes oil floating on the water surface. The idea is to cause the floating oil to adhere to a tube or disc, which then return to the oil skimmer machine to be wiped clean. Alternatively, Weir oil skimmers pump floating oils into the oil skimmer. The oil skimmer control operations are based on the specific gravity of the hydrocarbons, which lead them to naturally separate from the water (oil and water don’t mix as the adage goes). The second property used by oil skimmers is that oil tends to form stronger bonds to itself and other materials than it does to water. That is what enables oil skimmers to cause oil to adhere to them.

Leakwise Brochure

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