Monitoring Hydrocarbons

One of the greatest challenges in responding to hydrocarbon spills, be it near a water treatment plant, on the shoreline, near wells or into rivers is ensuring prompt coordination and updating of all responders. Hydrocarbons spill monitoring enables ongoing, long term measurement of hydrocarbon emissions from agrobusinesses, landfills, industrial sites and commercial businesses, providing an online hydrocarbons leak alert for everyone who needs to know. Given the increasingly strict regulatory environment, automatic devices monitoring hydrocarbons offers a low maintenance monitoring method to achieve compliance with spill prevention, planning and response regulatory requirements.

Monitoring in explosive atmospheres

Monitoring hydrocarbons in oil and gas extraction, processing and storage facilities is, however, about more than preventing environmental damage. Monitoring in hazardous areas with explosive is essential to preventing literally explosive results.

Hydrocarbon concentrations in oil and gas facilities are high, meaning that the air can combust, leading to fires and explosions. Monitoring in explosive atmospheres is therefore essential to protect the health and lives of your employees as well as the physical plant of your business. However, while it may be a no brainer that monitoring in explosive atmospheres is a must, the question of how to achieve low maintenance monitoring is more difficult to answer.

Low maintenance monitoring

Fortunately, LEAKWISE has the ultimate answer to low maintenance monitoring needs. our patented, high frequency electromagnetic absorption technique is deployed by automatic sensors that constantly monitor hydrocarbon concentration and release an immediate alert whenever a threshold you define (in consultation with our technical experts) is passed. This reduces the number of false alarms you receive and provides you with an effective early warning when a problem develops.

Leakwise Brochure

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