Edible Oils Spill

Not all oil spills are equal. Edible oils spill from vegetable oils generated in oil seed crush plants behave quite differently from petroleum oil spills. The behavior of vegetable oils such as canola, soybean, olive, and castor oils is largely limited to sinking, shoreline coating and to a lesser degree biodegradation which may be competitive to other oxidation processes including polymerization.

In most recorded spills, the vegetable oil largely spread out, coated shorelines, and then sank. Evaporation, water-in-oil emulsification and chemical dispersion were measured for the vegetable oils and found to be nearly zero in stark contrast to petroleum oils, for which the most important transformation mechanisms are evaporation, water-in-oil emulsification. and oil-in-water emulsification (dispersion).

These findings concerning edible oils spill underline the need to maintain an oil spill alert system which is capable not only of detecting an oil spill, but also analyzing the type of oil and it s behavior in the water, in order to optimize the response.

Oil spill alert

LEAKWISE sensors utilize a patented, high-frequency Electromagnetic Absorption Technique to provide a timely oil leak alert. Each sensor utilizes a high-frequency electromagnetic energy transmitter and a receiving antenna which continuously monitor water surface. This is what enables LEKWISE customers to receive a timely oil on water leak alert. Since water absorbs more electromagnetic energy than hydrocarbons a change in the absorption rate of water an oil spill alert is generated, enabling remedial action. For facilities such as oilseed crush plants or other vegetable oil storage and loading sites which might generate an edible oils spill alert, the unique properties of LEAKWISE sensors are particularly useful.

Oil storage and loading.

LEAKWISE sensors do more than provide a reliable oil on water leak alert. LEAKWISE analyze the thickness of the hydrocarbon layers and the percent of water in oily emulsions and detect the interface between any two immiscible liquids with different absorption rates.

This enable responders to edible oils spill to receive constant updates of the situation, enabling optimal and speedy respons.

Leakwise Brochure

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