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The LEAKWISE product line provides breakthrough field proven Electromagnetic Energy Absorption Technology for reliable early detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon spills.
Growing environmental concerns about our global water resources make LEAKWISE systems critical for detecting and mitigating risk of water and ground pollution events by all industries that use fuels or any other type of oil.
Oil refineries, oil storage depots, petrochemical manufacturers, oil pipelines & distribution, power generation facilities, transportation, edible oil manufacturers, municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment plant are a few of the industries benefiting from LEAKWISE technology.
Find in this website more information about how LEAKWISE systems can round out your environmental and risk plan and eventually save operational costs. Contact us for any question you may have.

How Leakwise Systems Work

A Leakwise system consists of a sensor and a controller.

The sensor is a floating device that sits flat on water surface. It uses a patented Electromagnetic Energy Absorption Technique. The energy is introduced to the upper layer of the water.
Since water absorbs more electromagnetic energy than hydrocarbons, changes in the absorption rate of the water indicate the presence or buildup of a hydrocarbon layer.
The sensor continuously sends the measured signal to the controller, which in turn determines if there is a presence of hydrocarbon and indicates its’ thickness. The controller then activates your chosen alerts and controls according to easily adjustable sensitivity settings.Leakwise sensors can detect the presence of as little as 0.3 mm of hydrocarbon on water. Detection is immediate upon oil contact with the sensor, which fully complies with the 30 seconds requirement of FM Class 7745 standard. All Leakwise sensors can distinguish between water, hydrocarbon and no-liquid condition.
Some Leakwise sensors can be used to detect oil spills in applications where the sump area may be dry. Oil / Water emulsions will also be detected. Leakwise oil thickness sensors are optimized for linear measurement of thick oil layers on water up to 200 mm.
Leakwise controllers display system status on the front panel, and interface to user’s control center via relay contacts, 4-20mA, Modbus and wireless.

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